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Boric Acid (All Grades) in Bulk, IBCs or Small Bags

Industrial optimization and power

From reducing melting temperatures in fiberglass production to inhibiting corrosion in fuel additives, boric acid has a multitude of uses in numerous industries.


  • Both a flux and a network former
  • In combination with a sodium borate, boric acid can be used to adjust the sodium-to-boron ratio in glasses which require low sodium levels
  • Changes the oxidation reactions and promotes the formation of char, thereby inhibiting combustion in cellulose materials
  • Highly effective absorber of thermal neutrons
  • Prevents metal surface oxidation in welding, brazing, and soldering
  • Greatly improves the tack and green strength of starch adhesives by cross-linking conjugated hydroxyl groups
  • Can be incorporated in aqueous and non-aqueous systems for corrosion inhibition, lubrication, or thermal oxidative stabilization
  • Boric acid technical granular (TG) is approved for use in organic farming



  • EP granular boric acid
  • EP powder boric acid
  • HP granular boric acid
  • MG granular boric acid
  • MG powder boric acid
  • NF granular boric acid
  • NF powder boric acid
  • SP granular boric acid
  • SQ granular boric acid
  • Technical Granular (TG) boric acid
  • Technical Powder (TP) boric acid


Sizes Available

  • Bulk
  • IBCs
  • Small Bags



Theoretically composed of boric oxide and water. This is available as granules or a powder, both of which are stable under normal conditions, free-flowing, and easily handled by means of air or mechanical conveying. In solution, the product is mildly acidic.


  • Adhesives
  • Agriculture
  • Batteries and capacitors
  • Ceramics, enamels, and glazes
  • Glass and textile fiberglass
  • Gypsum board
  • Industrial fluids and lubricants


  • Personal care and hand soaps
  • Pharmaceutical use
  • Water treatment
  • Wood protection and biocides
  • Metals and gold
  • Nuclear energy