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New Technologies from DSM

Ingredients for skin care formulations  

DSM offers a range of ingredients to help provide the outstanding sensorial and aesthetic benefits usually provided by silicones. From blurring effects to barrier protection, water resistance and moisturizing, DSM has solutions to aid skin care formulators meet even the most challenging needs.

Valvance® Look 100

Valvance® Look 100 offers an instant sensorial effect, acting as a visual modifier. It works to provide natural subtle and light coverage that hides chromatic skin irregularities for a flawless skin tone. Valvance® Look 100 helps to conceal shadows and dark eye circles, in addition to offering a blurring effect on fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful and radiant appearance. Non-nano mineral powder for optimized sensory.

VALVANCE® Look 100 conceals shadows and dark eye circles


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Valvance® Touch 210

Achieve optimal sweat, oil and moisture control without overdrying skin, using Valvance® Touch 210. This specialty technology has been evaluated against 13 different benchmarks, and proven to be exceptional for dry touch, velvety rolling sensory and instant shine control. It is also certified natural by Ecocert, COSMOS, and Nature.

VALVANCE® Touch 210 offers outstanding sebum and sweat absorption.



D-Panthenol (or D-Panthenol 75L) helps to maintain healthy and hydrated skin. It provides barrier protection and helps to accelerate the repair of irritated skin, heal and sooth wounds, in addition to stimulation of epithelization. It is the gold standard moisturizer for very dry, cracked, and rough skin. It offers anti-inflammatory effects, in addition to increasing stratum corneum hydration by inducing long-lasting skin moisturization. It reinforces the skin barrier by reducing the transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and shows very good compatibility with all groups of cosmetic ingredients. In the example below, Panthenol enhanced skin barrier repair and stratum corneum hydration better than skin before irritation.

Panthenol provides exception moisturization and skin barrier repair on irritated skin.

F.B. Camargo, L.R. Gaspar, P.M.B.G. Maia Campos. J. Cosmet. Sci., 2011, 62, 361–369




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After irritation, 1% Panthenol reduces trans-epidermal water loss by 53% and increases stratum corneum hydration by 55% vs placebo.

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Amphisol® K

A very effective and versatile oil-in-water anionic emulsifier designed to help meet the high stability needs of your most challenging or complex formulations with high amounts of UV filters and pigments, contributing to an improved skin feel. Amphisol® K provides high flexibility to formulate various types of products including creams, sprays and mousses. It offers proven thermal and long-term stability, and is especially effective in increasing the SPF and the water-resistance of formulations.

AMPHISOL® K is effective in increasing the SPF of formulations




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Ingredients for hair care formulations

Hair care consumers are demanding products that work harder, offering multiple functions and benefits along with the same pleasing aesthetic feels and finishes silicones provide. These specialty ingredients from DSM can help you innovate to create effective non-silicone hair styling and conditioning products. 



Phytantriol is a unique active for hair care applications that helps to increase deposition of panthenol, ethyl-panthenol, and keratin amino acids. It also helps to provide strengthening, split-end protection and heat protection benefits for normal and damaged hair, after single as well as cumulative applications. Phytantriol significantly improves water retention, and visibly prevents color wash-out.

Phytantriol in colorations visibly prevents color wash-out




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Tilamar® Fix A1000

Tilamar® Fix A1000 is a unique styling polymer technology for flexible hold. It offers anti-frizz benefits, delivering humidity-resistant curl retention with a feather-light hair feel at different neutralization levels.

Tilamar® Fix A1000 offers high humidity curl retention.




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Curl Retention of Market Polymers (5% solids; 20°C, 90% rel. H.)




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High Humidity Curl Retention values after 6 hours at 20°C/90% rel. humidity



Tilamar® Boost 150

Tilamar® Boost 150 offers invisible action for visible volume without compromising on conditioning. Based on 50 years of expertise in materials science, DSM has identified, out of 500 trials, a unique hyperbranched polymer to fill this gap, offering both incredible volume and care properties with its unique mode of action. This polymer can be directly added in your current shampoo base for increased hair elasticity and style ability. Benefits have been proven via instrumental and hair dresser tests.

Proven volume benefits vs shampoo base and benchmarks.




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