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Active Minerals International focuses on innovative industrial mineral solutions for today’s technologically advanced world, and is a leading supplier of attapulgite and air-float kaolin products to a wide range of industries worldwide. For decades, Min-U-Gel® attapulgite thixotropic thickeners and suspension agents have been the best value for low-shear rheology control (flow and leveling, sag control, spatter resistance and more) in a wide range of liquid systems. They also suspend, control syneresis, reduce pigment floating and flooding, and improve tint strength, freeze-thaw and shelf-life. Min-U-Gel 400 grade can partially replace and enhance cellulosic fibers and associative thickeners to lower cost and improve overall coating properties. Acti-Gel® 208 additive provides superior suspension and an increase in solids without a rise in viscosity. It’s low dosage and easy dispersion makes it an ideal post-add fix for syneresis and stability problems without changing rheology. Unlike other rheology modifiers, the viscosities generated by Min-U-Gel and Acti-Gel products do not fade or creep and are stable under extended shear, ionic and bacterial conditions, and all pH and temperatures. Acti-Min® PG air-float kaolin extender pigment can provide more TiO2replacement at a lower cost than some standard water-washed kaolins.


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