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BYK Aquacer Wax Additives For Floors

Aquacer Protective Wax Emulsions For Floor Care

Strengthen Your Floor Care Products with Aquacer Wax Additives from BYK

Aquacer from BYK are effective wax additives designed for floor polishes and protectants.  The primary grades recommended for floor care are based on HD polyethylene and modified polypropylene chemistry. In order to achieve desired properties, it is recommended to blend grades. Aquacer 1075 and 1076 are paired together, along with Aquacer 8075 and 8976.

Attributes and Performance:

  • Buffability

  • Anti-Slip

  • Filling

  • Foot Traffic Resistance

  • High Gloss 

  • Abrasion Resistance

  • Scratch Resistance

  • APEO (Alykylphenol Ethoxylated) Free

Aquacer Properties by Grade

Properties Aquacer 1075 Aquacer 1076 Aquacer 8075 Aquacer 8976
Chemical Composition HDPE Wax PPE Wax HDPE Wax PPE Wax
Non-Volatile Matter - 60 mins at 125ºC 35% 40% 35% 40%
Melting Point 135ºC 160ºC 120ºC 160ºC
Recommended Additive Dosage (based on total formulation) 2-5% 2.5-7% 2-5%  2.5-7%
Main Property Surface Protection Anti-Slip Surface Protection Anti-Slip
Paired With 1076 1075 8976 8075


HDPE: High Density Polyethylene

PPE: Polypropylene

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