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SimPure™ Functional Label-Friendly Starches


For a growing number of consumers, simpler is better. Simpler labels. Familiar ingredients.  And still, when it comes to texturizing ingredients, functionality is key.  The SimPure™ portfolio of label-friendly functional starches from Cargill.

Recognizing that individual native starches may not offer the full functionality desired, SimPure™ leverages the unique properties of a variety of botanical sources to address some of today’s most important texturizing challenges.

SimPure™ starches perform like modified starch to offer moderate-to-high process stability, maintains viscosity, controls syneresis to give a rich, creamy texture and functions in neutral or acid applications. All of this functionality is achieved with a neutral taste and color and with little to no reformulations.


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SimPureProduct Overview


Our growing SimPure™ portfolio currently includes waxy corn-, potato-, and tapioca-based starches. SimPure™ label-friendly functional starches help address consumers’ desire for label-friendly products, along with greater process tolerance, shelf life and storage stability.




SimPureApplication Guide


Our growing SimPure™ delivers label-friendly performance in many applications ranging from frozen, refrigerated and shelf stable ready meals, soups, sauces to plant-based meat alternatives and bakery. Discover the SimPure™ that will enable you to remove “modified food starch” from your label.