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Acumer™ Scale Inhibitors

Scale control for cooling and boiler systems

Various industries use cooling circuits to remove heat by absorbing it with circulating water systems. Recirculating water can build up impurities that could lead to the precipitation of salts. The precipitation of salts and other particles can accumulate on equipment surfaces, resulting in reduced heat transfer efficiency, and higher operation and maintenance costs. Dow ACUMER™ polyacrylate water-soluble scale inhibitors can help prevent the formation of scale in recirculating cooling systems, boilers, and evaporators. ACUMER™ polymers can keep salts dispersed to prevent deposition and can modify the structure to make scale less tenacious and durable. ACUMER™ products are effective on particulate matter containing calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, calcium phosphate, silica and silicate, silt and iron, reducing their adhesion to heat transfer surfaces.


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