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Effective, Economical Metal Ion Control

Uncontrolled metal ions in your product or process can eat away profits by causing scaling, chemical degradation, discoloration, precipitation, emulsion instability, rancidity, and a host of other problems. The presence of metal ions can cause a number of unique challenges that formulators must overcome, such as:

  • Cleaning and laundry products rendered ineffective
  • Reduce bleaching efficiency and cause brightness reversion in pulp and paper processing
  • Scaling and sludge in water system
  • Shortened shelf-life and reduced performance in beauty and personal care products
  • Food and beverage products are vulnerable to spoilage

Dow chelating agents provide an effective, economical solution to renders in active trace amounts of metal ions such as iron, copper and zinc. These products produce stable complexes with metal ions and generally provide the most effective control for related challenges. Some additional benefits of Dow Versene product line includes:

  • Effective at low concentrations, driving down material and operational costs
  • Predictable and proven performance
  • High thermal stability
  • Chemical and pH stability
  • Resistance to bacterial or mold breakdown
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Product Characteristics and Properties


ProductCompositionChelation Value%AssayMolecular WeightSpecific Gravity (@25/25° C)Bulk DensitypH (1 WT% Aqueous Solution)ApplicationSimilar ChemistrySelect
VERSENE 100Tetrasodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate102 (mg as CaCO3 per g)39 wt% as Na4EDTA380.21.310.6 lb/U.S. gal 1270 kg/m311-12Cleaning, Pulp and Paper, Scale Removal, Energy, Metalworking, Polymerization & TextileDissolvine E-39; BASF Trilon B Liquid, Sequestrene 30A
VERSENE 100XLTetrasodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate102 (mg as CaCO33 per g)38 wt% as Na4EDTA380.21.2710.5 lb/U.S. gal 1280 kg/m311-12Personal Care, Cleaning, MetalworkingDissolvine 100-S, BASF Trilon BX Liquid, Sequestrene 30A Special
VERSENE 220 CrystalsTetrasodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate tetrahydrate219 (mg as CaCO3 per g)99.0 wt% as Na4EDTA·4H2O; 83.2 wt% as Na4EDTA; 64.0 wt% as H4EDTA452.2-45 lb/cu ft 720 kg/m310.5-11.5Personal Care, Cleaning, Agriculture, Metalworking & PolymerizationDissolvine 220-S; BASF Trilon BX Powder; Sequestrene Na4 Pure; BASF Trilon B Powder, Dissolvine NA
VERSENE Na2 CrystalsDisodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate tetrahydrate267 (mg as CaCO3 per g)99.0 wt% as Na4H2EDTA·2H2O; 89.4 wt% as Na2H2EDTA; 77.7 wt% as H4EDTA372.2-61 lb/cu ft 977 kg/m34.3- 4.7; 4.0-6.0 (5 wt% solution)Personal Care & Cleaning ProductsDissolvine NA2-S; BASF Trilon BD
VERSENE Diammonium EDTADiammonium ethylenediaminetetraacetate137 (mg as CaCO3 per g)40 wt% as (NH4) 2EDTA328.21.210 lb/U.S. gal 1200 kg/m34.8-5.3Cleaning, Metalworking, Polymerization & Scale Removal and PreventionBASF Trilon BAD Liquid; Dissolvine AM2 45
VERSENE AcidEthylenediaminetetraacetic acid339 (mg as CaCO3 per g)99 wt% as H4EDTA292.24-54 lb/cu ft 870 kg/m32.5 - 3.0 (saturated solution)Personal Care, Agriculture & Micronutrients, Cleaning & Metalworking FluidsDissolvine Z-S; BASF Trilon BS
VERSENEX 80 Pentasodium Diethylenetriaminepentaacetate80 (mg as CaCO3 per g)40.2% as Na5DTPA503.11.310.9 lb/ US gal 1310 kg/m311.0 - 11.8 (1% wt solution)Cleaning, Indirect Food Contact, Water Treatment, Textiles, Oilfield, Gypsum Board, Polymerization, Gypsum, Scale Remooval and PreventionDissolvine D-40; BASF Trilon C Liquid; BASF Chel DPTA 41
VERSENE NADisodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate ditrahydrate267 (mg as CaCO3 per g)99.0 wt% as Na4H2EDTA·2H2O; 89.4 wt% as Na2H2EDTA; 77.7 wt% as H4EDTA372.2461 lb/cu ft 980 kg/m34.3 - 4.7 (1 wt% solution) 4.0 - 6.0 (5 wt% solution)Pharma
VERSENE CACalcium disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate dihydrateAlready a calcium chelate of EDTA97.0 – 102.0 wt% as CaNa2EDTA·2H2O; 91.2 wt% as CaNa2EDTA410.26-40 lb/cu ft 640 kg/m36.5-7.5Food, Pharma (Nutraceutical)BASF Trilon CA Food Grade; Dissolvine E CA 10; Sovitar
VERSENOL 120Trisodium N-(hydroxyethyl)-ethylenediaminetriacetate120 (mg as CaCO3 per g)41 wt% as Na3HEDTA344.21.2810.7 lb/ US gal 1290 kg/m311.0 - 11.8 (1% wt solution)Cleaning, Oilfield, Iron Removal Systems, Water Treatment, Polymerization, Scale Removal and PreventionDissolvine H-40; BASF Trilon D; BASF Chel DM 41


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