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Alkyl Polyglucoside Surfactant with an ecofriendly profile

Derived from plant-based materials and mild to the skin, Dow TRITON™ CG-425 Alkyl Polyglucoside Surfactant has been developed for a range of all-purpose household and industrial cleaners to offer a variety of desirable end-use benefits.

Chemical: Alkyl Polyglucoside



  • Good wetting
  • Detergency properties
  • Low streaking
  • Low filming
  • Produces stable foam
  • Soluble in highly alkali formulations
  • Hard water tolerance
  • Favorable ecotoxicological profiles
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Listed on CleanGredients



  • Manual Dishwash Detergents
  • Hard Surface Cleaners
  • Highly Alkaline Detergents
  • Floor Strippers
  • Glass Cleaners
  • Bathroom Cleaners
  • Drain Cleaners
  • Bottle Washing
  • Grill Cleaners
  • Window Cleaners


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Physical Property Comparison

All the TRITON™ Alkyl Polyglucosides have very similar surface tensions and are comparable to the Glucopon® surfactants. The Draves Wetting Test illustrates the efficiency of a wetting agent based on the time required for a standard skein of cotton yarn carrying a standard weight to sink in a water solution of that wetting agent. The shorter the wetting times, at the specific concentration and temperature, the faster the cotton will be wetted by the surfactant solution.



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Hard Surface Cleaner (SCID Test)





In two separate formulations, TRITON™ CG-425 was compared to Glucopon® 425N and the internal High and Low controls. The TRITON™ CG425 demonstrated similar performance to the Glucopon® 425N, and to internal low performing and high performing controls.

  • Hard Surface Cleaner formulations with TRITON™ CG425 have similar whiteness index compared to the high control formulation.