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Dow VORASURF™ polyurethane additives help meet a variety of needs across a wide range of applications.

Dow is leading the way in silicone surfactant innovation.

From footwear to mattresses, automotive interiors to rigid foam insulation used in refrigerators and construction, these essential additives allow you to optimize your system, solve problems and develop innovative products for your customers.

Silicone surfactants perform critical aspects of the foaming process including:

  • Improving emulsification and nucleation
  • Preventing coalescence
  • Stabilizing cell membranes
  • Increasing ingredient compatibility and decreasing surface tension


These polyurethane additives serve to enhance performance through a versatile product portfolio.

VORASURF™ selector:


Direct Application


Flexible molded foams


  • MDI and TDI molded foam systems
  • Cold-cure and high-density MDI molded foam systems
  • Energy-absorbing NVH systems and cell-opening
  • Low-emission surfactants 
  • Solutions for MDI, mixed MDI+TDI, and TDI
  • Cold-cure and high-density molded foam
  • Energy-absorbing NVH systems


Rigid foams


  • PUR/PIR insulation systems
  • Wide range of blowing agents systems including water and hydrocarbon
  • Appliance and cold-storage insulation systems
  • Spray foam
  • Pour-in-place


  • Solutions for pentane-blown foams
  • Compatible with alternative blowing agents with lower global warming and ozone depleting potential
  • Solutions to enhance surface properties and aesthetics

Microcellular foam


  • Footwear
  • Integral skin applications
  • Mechanical froth foam
  • Non hydrolysable solutions
  • Effective bulk stabilizing surfactants
  • Solutions for mechanical froth and microcellular foams
  • Compatible with different shoe sole density


Flexible slabstock foam

  • Polyether and polyester slabstock foam 
  • Wide range of blowing agents systems Including carbon-dioxide and acetone
  • Wide latitude processing 
  • Low-emission surfactants 
  • Viscoelastic/slow-recovery 
  • Flame-retardant (FR) additives systems
  • Low-emission surfactants 
  • Fine cell structure
  • High cell opening
  • Compatibility with flame retardants and fillers
  • Offerings for viscoelastic, as well as polyether and polyester slabstock systems
  • Wide latitude processing 



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Dow continues to be a market leader in reliability, experience, innovation and sustainability.

  • Reliability: Dow is the only player in the industry to be back-integrated in both silicone and polyether manufacturing. They also have a long history of quality, operational reliability, and supply chain experience
  • Polyurethane experience: With 60 years of experience in manufacturing silicone surfactants their unique testing capabilities and long global experience in polyurethane chemistry, makes them an industry leader.
  • Innovation: Dow is committed to expanding their polyurethane offering in the surfactant space, and continue to launch new products to meet the market needs. In 2019, Dow introduced more than 15 new silicone surfactant solutions for polyurethane foam applications.
  • Sustainability: They bring technologies to the market, which enable our customers to meet their sustainability goals, from meeting stringent regulations on emissions of volatile compounds, to the transition to alternative blowing agents with low global warming and ozone depleting potentials.
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