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Dupont™ Liveo™ Silicone-based healthcare solutions

The heritage Dow Corning silicone-based technologies for healthcare are now part of DuPont’s comprehensive portfolio of Liveo™ healthcare solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.

DuPont is the gold standard for silicone-based technology with more than 70 years of experience and Univar Solutions is proud to carry their products. A world-renowned leader, the heritage Dow Corning brand name silicone-based products are now part of DuPont’s comprehensive portfolio of healthcare solutions for the pharma and medical devices industries. The silicone-based portfolio DuPont offers exclusively through Univar Solutions in Canada includes:

DuPont offers one of the most expansive lines of silicone-based performance-enhancing materials. With an extensive team of experts in regulatory and formulation development, they provide unique capabilities and innovative solutions for:

  • pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processing
  • topical solutions for consumer health and pharmaceuticals
  • transdermal drug delivery
  • wound care

Continue reading to learn more about the many silicone-based technologies available through Univar Solutions to help you formulate your next innovation.



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Silicone Excipients for topical applications

DuPont offers a line of unique pharmaceutical excipients specifically developed for use in topical healthcare formulations. These excipients are supplied from a dedicated healthcare materials site, utilizing key principles of pharmaceutical cGMPs. Silicone excipients enable innovative formulation solutions for the efficient delivery of APIs in topical forms, including creams, lotions, gels, ointments, sprays, and sticks.

Some of the key advantages of using a silicone chassis include:

  • efficient delivery of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)


  • improving the sensory profile, resulting in better patient compliance
    • silky smooth feel, non-greasy, non-stinging, great spread profile
  • enhancing performance
    • wash off resistance, moisturization (emolliency), long lasting (substantivity), enhance active efficiency, sustained release

DuPont silicone excipient products available through Univar Solutions include:

  • non-volatile fluids
  • volatile fluids
  • elastomer blends
  • gum blends
  • waxes
  • emulsifiers

Download DuPont’s topical pharmaceutical excipients guide.


Silicone Coatings for lubrication and siliconization

Through Univar Solutions, DuPont offers an extensive range of medical fluids, emulsions and dispersions that offer the following attributes for medical and surgical lubricant solutions:

  • high water repellency
  • good lubrication
  • low surface tension

DuPont’s silicone coatings can be used in a range of applications, such as:

  • siliconization for parenteral packaging components
  • needle and medical device lubrication
  • excipients for pharmaceutical or over-the-counter topical formulations and novel wound care products
  • de-molding agent for rubber parts
  • anti-friction release agent for medical packaging

Let us help you choose the right silicone coating for your formulation.

  • Medical Fluids: Clear, colorless polydimethylsiloxane fluids that serve as a hydrophobic lubricant, demolding agent, and carrier for pharmaceutical applications.
  • Medical Emulsions: Water-borne silicone fluids containing non-ionic emulsifiers and 35% National Formulary (NF) dimethicone. The portfolio provides excellent lubricating and release characteristics for lubrication and siliconization.
  • Medical Dispersion: This is used as a lubricant for cutting edges such as razor blades, scissors, and hypodermic needles. It contains 50% active silicone ingredients in a mixed aliphatic and isopropanol solvent mixture and chemically bonds with certain substrates, especially metals such as stainless steel.

Download DuPont’s medical lubricant coatings guide.


Antifoams & Antifoam Emulsions

Simethicone compounds are comprised of a mixture of polydimethylsiloxane fluid and silicone dioxide. Simethicone emulsions are water-dilutable nonionic solutions which contain 30% simethicone by weight. Both can be used for medical and pharmaceutical applications that require foam control.

Simethicone antifoam compounds and emulsions are used as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or as excipients in a wide range of prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) gastroenterology applications. The solutions have been designed for both medical and pharmaceutical applications, such as:

  • foam suppression/inhibition
  • in the development of anti-flatulent/antacid tablets
  • in the development of anti-flatulent liquid dose applications

In addition to being used as APIs and excipients, the simethicone antifoam compounds and emulsions can also be used as processing aids in biopharmaceutical applications, such as:

  • to improve the efficiency of ampoule and bottle filling
  • cell culture/fermentation
  • foam control in blood oxygenation devices

Download DuPont’s antifoams and antifoam emulsions brochure.


Topical Ingredients

This product line is ideal for consumer healthcare and serves the need for over-the-counter topical products. Applications include:

  • barrier creams
  • breathable lotions
  • aqueous gels
  • anhydrous ointments
  • sprays

Each ingredient is sourced from an audited supply chain to meet regulatory and industry standards for the consumer healthcare market. The topical Ingredient product line include:

  • volatile and non-volatile fluids
  • resins
  • emulsifiers
  • specialty fluids
  • elastomer blends & gum blends
  • waxes

Download DuPont’s topical ingredients guide.



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