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Discover our water treatment solutions from Novozymes®

Enabling efficient and sustainable water and waste management solutions


As countries across the globe are becoming home to more people and more businesses in larger cities, the need for a clean and safe water supply is growing. At Univar Solutions, we realize the future of our people and our planet is tied to clean water, and we’re committed to making a difference by providing essential, sustainable waste and water treatment products and services.

Bringing sustainable innovations to support the world’s clean water supply, Univar Solutions offers breakthrough biosolutions for water and wastewater treatment from Novozymes. Simple yet powerful ingredients, enzymes and microbes are eco-friendly alternatives used to break down organic wastes and play a vital role in efficient water purification for municipal and industrial water treatment systems. By using biological solutions to enhance wastewater treatment systems, Univar Solutions and Novozymes are working together to help keep global communities healthy, clean, fed and safe.


Improving outcomes in water purification aided by nature’s own tools


A global leader in chemical and ingredient distribution, Univar Solutions is also a proud sustainability advocate, committed to bringing customers and communities more sustainable solutions for a better world.

With Novozymes’ portfolio of water and waste management solutions, naturally occurring enzymes and microbes are used to catalyze key processes, efficiently building up specific molecules and breaking down others. The improved methods can help you optimize water treatment procedures and manage your plant in a more efficient and sustainable way in the face of increasingly complex regulations and cost pressures.


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Biological solutions wastewater treatment


Simplify your operations and cost-effectively improve efficiency by adding Novozymes’ specialized microbial strains to your water, strengthening your existing microbial community.


Bioaugmentation solutions:

  • Ammonia removal
  • COD removal
  • FOG removal
  • Hydrocarbon and phenol removal

No matter if your plant processes residues from food production, wastewater, or sewage, you can boost its profitability with Novozymes’ tailormade enzymatic blends for its substrate mix.


Enzyme solutions for biogas:

  • Industrial waste and wastewater
  • Municipal water & sewage sludge
  • Food waste


Improve your sludge management and add more value to your wastewater treatment plant with Novozymes’ enzymes and microbes. Using nature’s own tools can help improve your sludge management processes, cut operating costs and increase the sustainability and efficiency of your operations.


Solutions for sludge management:

  • Sludge dewatering
  • Sludge digestion
  • Lagoon treatment

Reducing sludge and gaining lagoon capacity

Pulp mill reduced sludge and increased lagoon capacity by 2000 m3

Learn how a documented treatment plan at this pulp mill’s lagoon system successfully increased retention time and improved effluent quality. Delaying a potential dredging project potentially saved the plant several million dollars.



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Maintaining low sludge levels in a municipal lagoon

A municipality increased its lagoon capacity and postponed a $600,000 dredging project

Interested in how a sustainable product can help reduce dredging costs and improve wastewater lagoon capacity? Get immediate access to a case study from Novozymes and learn more about enzyme and microbial solutions to help municipal and industrial operators reduce sludge.


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Explore the power of enzymes and microbes used in water treatment


By integrating beneficial biological solutions into your wastewater treatment processes, you can reduce your wastewater treatment cost, simplify your treatment process and increase plant efficiency. Explore how enzymes and microbes are transforming traditional municipal and industrial water and waste management systems.

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