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Olin D.E.N. Novolac Resins

High performance epoxy resins for high temperature, great adhesion & chemical resistance 

Olin's D.E.N. epoxy novolac resins provide reliable protection in tough applications like containment tanks, concrete, pipes and marine environments.  These resins are ideal for coatings, encapsulants, composites and adhesives and provide:

  • Superior mechanical performance for heat and chemical resistance in comparison to Bisphenol A resin and unsaturated polyester systems
  • Minimal shrinkage in encapsulant, composite, adhesive and binder applications
  • Improved adhesion at elevated temperatures in adhesives. Excellent adhesion & cohesion to fibers and fillers in composite formulations

Can be used in straight systems or added to standard epoxy resins for improved performance in numerous applications:

  • Corrosion-resistant marine coatings
  • High-performance pipe coatings
  • Chemical-resistant tank linings and containment systems
  • Chemical-resistant flooring
  • Structural adhesives
  • High Tg composites and electrical laminates
  • High temperature resistant castings
  • Mechanically stable potting and molding resins


Viscosity @25 °C (mPa•s)


D.E.N.™ 424


Low viscosity epoxy novolac resin with a similar equivalent weight to standard Bisphenol A and Bisphenol F yet having increased chemical resistance and high temperature performance. Uses would include composites, coatings, adhesives and encapsulants where a lower viscosity is needed.

D.E.N.™ 426


Epoxy novolac resin with a viscosity similar to standard bisphenol A epoxy resins but increased chemical resistance and high temperature performance. Application would include high build coatings, adhesives and encapsulants.

D.E.N.™ 428


Developed to fill the gap between the two functional standard bisphenol F based liquid epoxy resins and high viscosity novolac resins with increased functionality, producing more cross-linkage and improving high temperature performance and chemical resistance.

D.E.N.™ 440


Highly functional epoxy novolac resin creating a high crosslink density.  The highest performance is achieved in regards to mechanical, temperature and chemical resistance properties.

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