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Jaguar® HP-120 COS

High Performance natural thickener for high alcohol formulations

Solve your formulation challenges with this guar gum derivative which provides efficient thickening in 60 - 95% alcohol formulas with no tacky residue. This naturally-derived polymer also functions as an emollient for the skin, providing slip and a moisturizing feel. Designed to be easy to use, Jaguar® HP-120 COS does not require neutralization and can be used as a general purpose viscosity booster in transparent formulations.

Jaguar HP-120 COS offers film-forming benefits, and is stable over a wide pH range. To help create your most effective formulas, Jaguar HP-120 COS is compatible with electrolytes, cationic surfactants, glycols and alcohols.


  • Slip and moisturizing feel
  • High compatibility with alcohol
  • Improved compatibility with polar solvents
  • Easy to process polymer
  • No tack residue
  • O/W emulsion stabilization
  • Foam stabilization
  • Naturally-derived


  • Hand sanitizers
  • Facial masks
  • Adult and baby wipes
  • Liquid hand soaps
  • Cleaning wipes