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Mackaderm® LIA Silicone Alternative

Function: Conditioning agent, softening agent, dispersing agent, emollient 

Mackaderm® LIA is a light emollient and a silicone alternative for use in hair and skin care applications. Whether you’re looking for a soft and silky feel for skin or an untied lightweight feel in hair, Mackaderm® LIA will deliver compared to typical silicone options.

It provides softness and ease of combing for hair, with little to no build-up over multiple applications, and also acts as an excellent spreadability agent that eliminates the tackiness of oily ingredients in skin care products. With 100% vegetable origin and COSMOS certification, Mackaderm® LIA offers a sustainable emollient solution with added sensorial benefits.


INCI Name:

Isoamyl Laurate 


Clear liquid 
Fully biodegradable


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RSPO Mass Balance 



Mackaderm® LIA in hair care applications

Applications: Shampoo, conditioner, cleansing conditioner, leave-on serums, masks

Mackaderm® LIA is the best choice for shampoos and conditioners when looking for a light emollient to replace silicones such as amodimethicones.

Mackaderm® LIA helps provide softness to hair from the roots to the tips with lightweightness and low build-up. It offers a very good balance between conditioning and cleanliness, enabling targeted product benefits, without the heaviness and oiliness issues usually met when formulating with botanical oils or standard esters. It can be formulated into crystal-clear shampoos up to 2% without adding a solubilizer.

Key Consumer Benefits:

  • Non-oily
  • Untied effect
  • Lightweight feel
  • Easy to rinse

Core Application Functions:

  • Good softness from roots to tips
  • Good balance between conditioning and cleanliness
  • Less build up than amodimethicone



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Mackaderm® LIA in skin care applications

Applications: lotions, creams, serums, masks, sunscreens

Mackaderm® LIA offers a strong alternative to silicones in a range of skin care and sunscreen uses. As a light emollient characterized by excellent spreadability and non-greasy skin feel, it helps eliminate or lessen the tackiness of waxy and oily ingredients, making it an excellent choice for skin or sun care formulations. It is also a good vehicle for solubilizing crystalline organic UV filters, and it demonstrates good wetting properties, making it suitable for sunscreens and other pigment-containing formulations.

Key Consumer Benefits:

  • Light, non-greasy skin feel
  • Cosmos certified natural; 100% vegetable origin

Core Application Functions:

  • High spreading
  • Eliminates tackiness of other ingredients
  • Good dispersion of pigments and UV filters



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