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SunCROMA and SunPURO Treated Pigments

Consumers demand the enhanced functionality that treated pigments deliver in their color cosmetic

Traditional inorganic pigments and fillers have a hydrophilic surface that causes agglomeration and poor dispersion, resulting in a poor color quality and instability. Treating pigments and cosmetic fillers modifies surface properties imparting new performance benefits. 

Surface Treated Pigment Available:

  • Iron Oxides
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Talc
  • Sericite Mica

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  • Good dispersibility
  • Better Adhesion on skin
  • Water resistance
  • Superior tactile effects
  • Better compression in powders




  • Skin Care
  • Sun Care
  • Hair Care
  • Color Cosmetics



Surface Treated Pigment Benefits

  • Enhanced Stability
  • Improved aesthetic skin feel

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