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Protecting Our Frontline Employees

Above everything, at Univar Solutions, we are Serious about Safety. Our focus on safety is one of the five values that helps to drive and guide our teams across the globe. When times are tough, we focus on coming together to keep our people, customers and partners safe, finding new ways to continue to move forward.

Keeping our drivers and warehouse staff safe

Times are particularly challenging at the moment, with the impacts of the COVID-19 virus affecting our business and that of our customers and supplier partners far and wide. While many of our team members can work safely and efficiently from home, our operations teams and drivers have critical roles that require heading into work daily. They are the ones who manage our inventory and deliveries to provide the necessary ingredients and chemicals other essential industries need to keep running.


For us, being Serious about Safety means keeping our operations teams and drivers as safe as possible while they do their jobs, and in turn keeping our customers safe as they receive our deliveries.

Formulating in our Solutions Centers

With shortages in commercial hand sanitizer products, we needed a solution for our operations teams and drivers. Our technical teams stepped up and spent hours in our Solution Centers across the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil making batch after batch of non-commercial hand sanitizing products to be distributed to our drivers and operations teams.

It was an all hands on deck scenario, as our labs came together to create as much product as possible. Our packaging services teams then stepped in to help package up the product to allow for efficient use. Small personal size bottles have been distributed to our drivers to use while on the go, and larger refills are being stored at our warehouses where they can re-stock. Across our labs, over 7,100 gallons of non-commercial product has been produced, packaged and distributed internally since mid-March.

Our teams are now exploring how we can leverage these materials to help other essential industries continue to operate safely.

Serious about Safety

Being Serious about Safety is a value we can never compromise, and finding ways to work together has allowed us to continue to reliably and safely service our customers who are in turn producing the materials essential to everyday life.

If you need technical support or guidance on creating commercial hand sanitizers, please visit our Hand Sanitizer Solutions Guide.

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