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Consumer demand for sweeteners is more complex than ever. 

In products from beverages and snacks to bakery and confectionery, consumers are increasingly looking for sweeteners with specific characteristics while still demanding great taste. Consequently, formulating products that meet consumers nutritional requirements and taste expectations can be a challenge. Need a sweetener that’s low calorie and is just right for your applications such as baked goods or beverages? Finding and determining the best option can be quite a challenge.

At Univar Solutions, we are uniquely prepared to help you navigate these challenges. We carry an extensive line of sweeteners, from premier suppliers, to meet every performance demand from all-natural and non-GM sugar alternatives. We make it easy to choose the right sweetener for your market or recipe by providing technical support and formulation assistance.


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Ingredient of the Month: Stevia, nature’s zero-calories sweetener

Purecircle by Ingredion, brought to you by Univar Solutions: from seedling to finished product 

Why stevia?

  • Supports sugar reduction in multiple application areas
  • Zero calories
  • Clean label ingredient
  • Non GMO Stevia



PureCircle Stevia Portfolio by Univar Solutions

For more information on our comprehensive stevia offering, contact your Univar Solutions representative or access our brochure here.



Introducing Erysta®

Sweet and sugar-free with a taste and texture to love,  ERYSTA® erythritol is used as a sweetener in multiple applications such as chocolate, table sweeteners, icecream, bakery etc.


 Why Erista®?

  • 0 calories per gram
  • About 60-70% as sweet as sugar with a mouth cooling sensation •
  • Provides functional bulking, non-hygroscopic
  • Tooth friendly
  • White, crystalline, odourless powder


Erista® offers extensive synergistic benefits when combined with high potency sweeteners, boosting overall sweetness and changing sweetness profile more towards profile of sugar, whilst masking bitterness.

For more information access our factsheet here.