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Innovating today to solve

the challenges of tomorrow



A global network of formulation labs and development kitchens driving innovation


To innovate and grow your business, you need the right solutions and a collaborative expert who can help save time, streamline efforts and formulate breakthrough products.

More than a global leader in chemical and ingredient distribution, Univar Solutions offers a specialized network of formulation labs, research and development centers and test kitchens to deliver innovation and find your next solution. Every day a diverse team of scientists, chemists and multidisciplinary specialists come together to solve real-world challenges and create valuable and sustainable solutions that have the potential to transform the world – helping us live healthier, safer, better lives.




Inside the Lab, Innovation Happens


Whether you are looking to reformulate around current trends or develop new specialized products to meet regulatory changes, our Solution Centers are ready to tackle your toughest challenges.

Developing next-generation

products for dynamic markets

and a changing world

Innovating today means looking ahead to solve the challenges of tomorrow. Our forward-thinking Solution Centers are driven by curiosity, data and a passion to develop quality products that are reliable, sustainable and offer alternative options for today’s consumers. Through our innovative approach to bringing new products to market, our solutions make a difference. As environments change, we are committed to adapting to your needs and offering capabilities and resources that give you a competitive advantage.

At each step in the product development process – from market and trend knowledge, through concept definition, sampling, scale-up and launch – Univar Solutions is here to support your technical needs.


Gain insight into a sustainable

approach for your business

What does sustainability mean, and how does it impact your business? Watch our virtual discussion with FMC Corporation and Novozymes to hear why sustainability makes good business sense and how your organization can incorporate practices, policies and strategies that support a better tomorrow.

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Explore ecofriendly formulation kits


Low VOC Coating Solutions

High-performing and regulatory compliant coating concepts

Explore Kit

Conscientiously Clean 

Biodegradable starter kit for home care and industrial cleaning

Explore Kit

Clean By Design

Clean formulations for beauty and personal care products

Explore Kit

Alternative Sunscreens

Oxybenzone and Octinoxate-free sunscreen kit

Explore Kit


An extension of your team with deep expertise to connect anytime, anywhere


At our global Solution Centers, innovation happens. Our goal is to accelerate your product development cycle with formulation support informed by the latest trends, techniques and research into what’s driving consumer demands and moving markets forward. Combining creativity, ingenuity and technical excellence while leveraging the latest digital capabilities, we can connect with you anytime, anywhere, and provide customizable services to help augment your team with the following capabilities:

  • Product formulation

  • Recipe development

  • Benchmark prototyping

  • Product performance testing

  • Chemical analysis

  • Shelf-life testing

  • Custom blending

  • Product composition analysis



Bringing you the most advanced materials and product innovations on the planet


At Univar Solutions, we take a bold idea from concept to reality, helping our customers find market-moving opportunities that deliver material advances and lead to commercial success. Collaborate with our technical experts, explore our formulation capabilities, tap into a vast distribution network and access a world of solutions.



Go inside the lab with us to find your next solution


Technical capabilities to help you innovate and grow your business


State-of-the-art application and formulation testing labs





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