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Today. Tomorrow. Together.


Bringing more sustainable 

solutions for a better world


As a global leader in chemical and ingredient distribution, Univar Solutions leverages its position at the intersection of science and technology to help create a better world through our focus on more sustainable processes, culture, products, services and collaborations. We are more than a distributor: our commitment to a forward-thinking and holistic sustainability journey supports our efforts to help keep global communities healthy, clean, fed and safe.


Creating value through

global sustainability


Our approach to delivering sustainable solutions creates value for our stakeholders, society and the environment. To help tackle the sustainable challenges of today and into the future, we’ve focused our sustainability efforts in six (6) key areas.



Our 6 global sustainability goals


Building on our sustainability pledge for continuous improvement in these focus areas, Univar Solutions is committed to progress. We’re proud to be a sustainability leader in the industries we serve. Our business, supply chains and global partnerships help deliver improved environmental performance, safer and healthier workplaces and more sustainable products and services – all while facilitating a more diverse and inclusive culture for a better world.



Energy & Emissions



Resource Use



Responsible Handling



Sustainable Supply Chain






Diversity, Equity & Inclusion



Leading the way in environmental,

social and commercial sustainability


At Univar Solutions, sustainability is more than an aspiration – it’s core to how we conduct business. We bring together ambitious goals, operational excellence, technology and collaboration to minimize environmental impact and improve sustainability in all we do. By leveraging our strong portfolio of sustainable products, services, practices and technologies to aid customers and consumers in meeting their sustainability goals, we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and vision for a better world.

Sustainability makes good business sense and aligns with our core values of being serious about safety, a place where people matter, a company that’s valuable to others and does what they say so that together, we win. Combined, these sustainability principles illustrate how through common goals, we can work toward a better tomorrow through next-generation solutions.



Meeting the moment today,

for tomorrow’s milestone


It’s important to mark steps in our journey to a more sustainable future, ensuring greater transparency, accountability and measurability of our actions against our material topics. We’re proud of the progress made to date and are committed to continuous improvement through best practices in sustainability and innovation through the adoption, integration and deployment of advanced technologies and processes that bring us closer to meeting our shared goals.